Perimeter 1.0

Perimeter is a strategy game developed by K D Lab (See all)

Perimeter is a strategy game developed by K-D Lab.
This is a science fiction game. In addition it is different to all what you have seen.
In the future the mankind has to travel to another planet through different dimensions. The mankind finds another kind of life in the universe but they are hostile. But that is not all, these aliens can take any shape, such as an insect or a dragon, the shape that they take is the figure that you fear.

The humans have to create a defense system against these creatures. Now is up to you to build more constructions to help humans to stay alive. You must get more land to build and then have more energy power and the list goes on. Also, you will be able to use nanotechnology to reach your purpose. You will find three kind of robots technician, (these are the most helpful), officers and soldiers.
You will have to complete different missions.

Graphics and sound
The scenarios are amazing. the graphics are very well done. The sound effects are suitable and the soundtrack is nice.

In conclusion, if you want something new you must play this game.

María Noel Balla
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  • Amazing graphics and good sound effects


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